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Greetings, and Introducing Zinio

Hello everybody, and welcome to the debut of “The Shelf Life,” Benbrook Public Library’s new blog devoted to covering all things of interest for our adult library patrons. Stop by every week for thoughts, info, tips, and musings on books, programs, library services, and other topics tangentially related to the library world.

Magazine lovers, you’re in for a treat. Thanks to a wonderful online resource called Zinio, you are now able to access over 100 digital magazines online, completely for free. All you need is your Benbrook Public Library card to freely download your favorite magazines straight to your computer. As if downloading free magazines to your computer isn’t great enough, you can also download them to your smart phone, tablet, or e-reader, so you can truly take them anywhere.  Any titles you download may be kept as long as you like, and you may subscribe to your favorite titles so that you never miss an issue.

To get started with Zinio now (and I suggest you do), click here. To see a Zinio user guide, click here. If you have any trouble, or if you just have questions, call the library at 817-249-6632, or send an e-mail to

Use Zinio to get digital magazines, totally for free, on your computer or mobile device!

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