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BARC: The Cure For Point-less Reading

BARC fb header text

All the reading you do is point-less. No, not pointless. Point-less. Meaning, the way you currently read isn’t garnering you fun and potentially prize-winning points. You should fix that right now by taking the Benbrook Adult Reading Challenge, or, as we lovingly call it ‘round here, BARC.

The main goals of BARC, besides all the point-earning and prize-winning action, are to spice up your reading life by getting you to read things you otherwise might not and to make reading even more fun than it already is. We give you a list of reading-related tasks, like “read a book with stars on the cover” or “read any three books that have been made into movies,” with varying point values, and it’s up to you to decide which ones you’d like to tackle. The more you read, the more points you rack up. Finish with one of the top three point totals to earn a nice, shiny prize.

BARC for Spring 2013 is currently underway, and it runs until May 24. It has an Academy Awards theme, so the tasks are inspired by Oscar categories, this year’s nominees, and movies in general. Get your popcorn ready and start reading!

Come by the library to pick up a BARC booklet, or click here to learn more. Don’t let your reading be point-less any longer.


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