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Hot Like Texas

We thought it might be fun to do some mathrobatics (math + acrobatics) at the library, so armed with graph paper, calculators, statistical reports, and more, we did. (Actually, we do this to help drive our collection development process. But we thought “mathrobatics” sounded way cooler).  Our findings: our patrons are voracious readers (ok, we kinda already knew that) – but, they are also discerning readers. Y’all, you don’t fall for the new books just because they’re nice and shiny. Can we just say, we love that about you! So, what’s on this list of books that has everyone in Benbrook reading? Here they are, some of the hottest books at BPL, in no particular order:

*Click a book cover to be taken to the library catalog, where you may place a request for the book.

thiscase rock-bottom-sarah-andrews-hardcover-cover-art   Dog-Stars-Book-Cover midwife

The Six Gun Tarot A Home in Drayton Valley fourth-grave-beneath-my-feet nano

little 38-nooses-cover content_NATE-BERKUS-the-things-that-matter my-share-of-the-task300

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could pull these books up with a collection code as you were browsing our catalog? We thought so, so we came up with a new collection code: Hot Like Texas. Unfortunately, as great as this idea is, sometimes true genius goes unappreciated, so such a code doesn’t exist – yet. Nevertheless, we will persevere, and you can find the books that Benbrook is loving right here on the blog. Read on, library lovers.

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