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Library Audiobooks on Kindle? You Bet.


As someone who is supposed to be super in tune with all things book and reading related, I should probably be ashamed to admit this, but here’s the truth: until a few days, I had no idea you could listen to audiobooks on a Kindle. Now, I knew audiobook listening was possible on a Kindle Fire, but on a plain ol’ first generation Kindle? News to me.

A library patron called and asked me if I could show her how to download library audiobooks to her Kindle. I told her I didn’t know if such a thing was possible, but that I would look into it. A quick online search led me to Amazon’s website, where I learned that audiobooks for a first generation Kindle may be purchased and downloaded through That was all well and good, but in library land, we like to grant our patrons access to stuff for free, dagnabbit! Some additional searching brought me to a very helpful page produced by Wheaton Public Library* in Wheaton, Illinois. Much to my delight, the page provides step-by-step instructions for how to check out, download, and transfer sweet, sweet free library audiobooks to a Kindle. To see how it’s done, click here (just be sure to ignore the link to Wheaton Public Library’s Overdrive site and go to Benbrook’s Overdrive site instead, and use your Benbrook Public Library card). Here’s a brief rundown of the steps:

-Download Overdrive Media Console (click here and select the right version for your computer).

-Select and check out an audiobook in the MP3 format from North Texas Libraries on the Go.

-Click “download” and wait for all parts of the book to be downloaded in Overdrive Media Console.

-Plug your Kindle into your computer using your USB cable.

-Find the downloaded audiobook file on your computer, copy it, and paste it into your Kindle’s “audible” folder.

-Eject your Kindle from your computer. The audiobook should now be available in your Kindle library.

Not too difficult, right? I probably should have known about this already, but it’s definitely a case of “better late than never.” I’m fortunate enough to learn new things all the time around here, and when I do, I’m more than glad to share them with you. Happy listening.


*Thanks a bunch, Wheaton Public Library. You rock!

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