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The Most Popular Book in Benbrook

As you might expect, I see a lot of books coming and going here at the library. Bunches of books. Boatloads of books. Bushels of books. Barrels of…okay, you get the idea. Titles of all subjects, shapes* and sizes cycle in and out of this place, but some certainly circulate more than others. Like the kid whose parents have a pool during a Texas summer, they’re what you’d call popular. This got me thinking to myself, “Hey self, I wonder what the most popular book in the whole darn collection is?” As luck would have it, I have nifty tools at my disposal that can help me satisfy such curiosities. Using one of my magical spreadsheets, I found that the most popular book at Benbrook Public Library is (drumroll, please, and pretend you haven’t been able to see the image this whole time)…

One for the Money by Janet Evanovich! Since September 2002, it has been checked out a whopping 128 times, which is more than any other book in both our adult fiction and non-fiction collections. It gets checked out an average of over twelve times per year, which my formidable powers of mathematics tell me is about once a month. That’s a lot of coming and going. This tells me that there are plenty of Plum-lovin’ Benbrookians who like you some lighthearted, bounty hunting, mystery fun. If you’re one of them, follow these links to find some more goodies from our collection that you might enjoy:


Books about bounty hunters

Books by Janet Evanovich


*Actually, they’re all more or less rectangular.

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