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An Inspirational Author

Earlier this morning, we had the latest installment of our Local Authors program here at the library. At this program, authors from nearby Texas cities speak to attendees about writing, publishing, their books, and their journeys to becoming published authors. Today, we were lucky enough to have Doug Petersen speak. Doug’s a professional inspirational speaker, so naturally, his presentation was awesome. He has a feel-good mission of encouraging others to live well by acting in accordance with their personal values. To share his messages of positivity, Doug writes a daily* inspirational thought, which he e-mails to his many followers. His books are compilations of his inspirational thoughts, and his latest two releases (the latest of which will soon be available at the library) contain a thought for each day of the year, as well as a few bonus thoughts. Doug was truly a joy to listen to, and based on what I’ve read so far on his website, he delivers quality reading as well. I encourage you all to check out his website and see what he has to offer. Who couldn’t benefit from a little inspiration?

*Doug takes the weekends off, but still, five thoughtful messages each week is mighty impressive. I sometimes struggle for sufficient material to blog once a week. Major kudos to Doug for being able to deliver quality content on a highly regular basis.

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