Benbrook Library / Musings

A Week For Library Love


In case you didn’t know, this week (April 14 – April 20) is National Library Week. What, you didn’t know? Do you mean to tell me that libraries aren’t perpetually perched at the forefront of your consciousness, right alongside chocolate and the “Happy Days” theme song? That’s okay, I guess. Sometimes I forget not everyone has sworn allegiance to the shelf life (hey, he said the name of the blog!) and constantly has libraries on the brain like I do. Anywho, National Library Week is an American Library Association-sponsored time of recognition and celebration of the positive impact libraries and librarians have on their communities. If you have a spare moment, give one of these simple appreciative gestures a try:

1. Check out a book from the library.

2. Hug a librarian or any other library staff member.

3. Select a random library from the phone book (or, if you don’t live in 1995, find one on the internet), call and perform a laudatory monologue conveying your intense library love to the staff member who answers the phone.

4. Read this book.

5. Read any book.

6. Watch this movie.

7. Compose and perform a musical ode to libraries. For best results, hire a symphony orchestra.

8. Think some happy library-related thoughts and send good vibes out into the universe. We can feel that sort of thing.

9. Do anything else, no matter how seemingly small it may be, to give libraries props.

Whether you do one of these things, all of them, or even none of them, one thing won’t ever change: libraries appreciate YOU, the users. Send some love back our way if you like; we’ll gladly take it. Really, though, this whole library thing is mostly about you, and we’re cool with that. We’re givers, and always will be.

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