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TLA 2013 Highlights


Some of you may have noticed (just humor me, okay?) that I took a week off from posting last week. Before you chide me for depriving you of content (seriously, just play along), let me assure you my excuse is immaculate. For three glorious days, I enjoyed the library nirvana that was the 2013 Texas Library Association Annual Conference. Here are some interesting tidbits I picked up, as well as some observations:

-Hobbyists, rejoice! Beginning July 1, a new “Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center” database will be available through the TexShare databases*. Other new databases will include “Home Improvement Reference Center,” “Small Business Reference Center,” and “Literary Reference Center.”

-Google is up to some crazy, futuristic stuff.

-The library world is a small world, after all. Before coming to Benbrook, I worked in three other libraries in North Texas, and I feel like I saw or ran into everyone I worked with at those places.

-It’s not exciting in itself that Stephen King has written his bajillionth book, but since that bajillionth book is a sequel to The Shining, that’s pretty darn exciting. It’s called Doctor Sleep, and it will hit shelves in September 2013.

-The Omni Hotel has the coolest elevators I’ve ever been in. In addition to playing pleasing musical tones for each floor you pass, they also pump out a weird hodgepodge of soothing rainforest sounds and stockyard noises, complete with mooing cows. It sounds strange, but trust me, it’s delightful.

-Around fifty percent of fiction book sales now come from sales of e-book copies. The times, they are a-changin’.

-Apparently, you can record narration for a slide show in PowerPoint 2010. Just go to the “Slide Show” tab and select “Record slide show.” It’s neat to learn new things about stuff you use all the time.

-One perk of being a male at a congregation of a field dominated by females: no lines for the restroom.

*Benbrook patrons, contact us here for log in information for TexShare databases.


Texas-y decor at the conference.

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