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Book-to-Movie: The Descendants

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This week, we have a short and sweet guest post from Jeri T., a library patron and BARC participant. In order to fulfill the requirements of the “Be a Film Critic” BARC task, Jeri has written her thoughts on the film “The Descendants” and the book of the same name by Kaui Hart Hemmings on which the movie was based. Big thanks to Jeri for contributing content and for being one of our consistently awesome BARC participants. Here is her submission:

In The Descendants, the King family has many life altering decisions to make – whether or not to sell the largest pristine Hawaiian land mass that they inherited, how to deal with the mother’s tragic accident that puts her into an irreversible coma, with whom to share the news of her imminent death, and how to move forward with their lives as a family.  Hemmings gives life to the book’s characters in such a way that the reader is able to believe their actions even while thinking, “there is no way that I’d do that.”

The book is more detailed than the movie, but George Clooney is an outstanding choice for the main character of Matt.  The movie was narrated throughout in Clooney’s voice giving the film a chance to include all of the feelings that one is able to understand from reading the book.  The New York Times Book Review calls The Descendants a “Pandora’s box-style tragicomedy.”  That is a just assessment.  However, it could also be called life.

-Jeri T.

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