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Non-Fiction Has Its Day

A few months ago, I posted about the most popular book in the library’s collection. Now, in calculating the winner of that popularity contest, I included both fiction and non-fiction books, but since non-fiction vs. fiction in a public library is like a bizarro David vs. Goliath in which Goliath stomps David mercilessly, I thought I would let non-fiction out of its counterpart’s hulking shadow by giving it its own post. Shine on, little buddy.

I again conjured up my magical spreadsheets, and I’ve learned that the most popular non-fiction book in Benbrook Public Library’s collection is…


Paula Deen’s Kitchen Classics by Paula Deen! It’s true, there are some books in our collection that have higher raw circulation totals, but sometimes books achieve high raw totals simply by hanging around in the collection for a long time. There are also books that average more checkouts per year, but many of those are new books which have been checked out frequently in a short period of time right after being added to the collection, which has given them an artificially high initial average. Paula Deen’s Kitchen Classics has what I believe to be the best mix of raw circulation count and average annual checkouts. It has been checked out 47 times since being added to the collection in February 2006. It circulates an average of just under six and a half times per year, which is pretty impressive for an over seven-year-old non-fiction book. I guess the people of Benbrook love them some Southern cookin’, and I don’t blame ‘em. If you’d like to find more books on cooking, check out these other tasty morsels from our collection:

Books about cooking

Books by Paula Deen


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