The Time for Paper Gifts in a Paperless World


My wife and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary about two weeks ago, but aside from some year-old wedding cake (which amazingly maintained pretty much all of its deliciousness) eating, the occasion passed with minimal fanfare, as other pesky life obligations got in the way. We’ve saved our official celebration for this weekend, when we’ll be taking a mini vacay. With this belated celebration will come the gift giving, which I’ve learned traditionally consists of highly specific types of gifts, as decreed sometime in the long, long ago by some unknown sage gifting authorities. As it turns out, the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, while the modern gift is something in the clock family. For those interested, there’s an immensely helpful website,,  that offers by-the-year lists of and suggestions for traditional gifts, modern gifts, and flowers, as well as other useful advice. I imagine sites such as this can save many a clueless husband, including yours truly.

So, in light of this new knowledge, I’ll set off on my trip tomorrow with a neatly wrapped gift box containing a ream of paper and an egg timer. My wife’s so lucky I know how to find good information.

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