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Take This Book and Shove It: Giving Up On a Book

As a general life rule, it’s good to finish what you start. However, when what’s being started is a book, sometimes, for a variety of reasons, we bail out before the end. Why, pray tell, do we give up on a book? The folks at Goodreads have compiled a snazzy infographic that provides an interesting look at the why of book abandonment. A few thoughts on the graphic:

– I’m with the 38.1% of the sample that always finish a book, no matter what. I just can’t stand to leave a book unfinished, even if I’m hating every minute of reading it. Call me a masochist, a time waster, or a weirdo if you will; I gotsta finish. Even if I walk away from a book for a while, which I rarely ever do, I always come back.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a little slow at first and in a few other places, but once it picks up, it’ll have you turning pages like mad (after having read them, of course). I highly recommend the whole series.

– I’ve skimmed a few random passages of Fifty Shades of Grey, and I can totally see how it’s not for everyone and how the word “embarrassing” is exceedingly applicable. My mom recently purchased it, expecting something tamer and more traditional love story-ish, and she told me she’s embarrassed to even read it in her own home. That said, I’ve had a number of library patrons come in and shamelessly ask for it within earshot of other human beings. Power to them.

– Seeing Catch-22 at #1 on the “Top Five Abandoned Classics” list comes as no surprise to me. We read it for our book club a few months back, and it was a stru-uh-ggle. I enjoy wackiness, but that book is wacky like no other. It’s sort of like a 500-page Abbott and Costello routine. By no means is it a bad book, and I’m glad I read it, but let’s just say I enjoy the idea of it more than I enjoyed actually reading it.

So, check out the graphic and see what Goodreads Nation has to say about giving up the good fight with a book. Also, if you don’t have a Goodreads account already, you should get one; it’s quite awesome.


2 thoughts on “Take This Book and Shove It: Giving Up On a Book

  1. I personally think I’m in the 27.9%. I want to say that I will finish the books I started, but there are a few of them listed as gave-up-on on my Goodreads page. I’m 22, so I have time. I think.

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