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The Library: A Place to Rent Up Movies

Everybody knows the library is THE place to go for books. We’re a veritable IHOB (International House of Books). While many of us use the library primarily to access free print materials, there’s a large contingent of folks who like to, in the paraphrased words of Lisa Simpson, go down to the liberry* and rent us up some movies.  While performing one of my eggheaded stat-based duties recently, I took a closer look at the circulation figures for the various adult collections. Adult print items make up 37.6% of the library’s overall collection, and those items account for 29.35% of the library’s overall circulation. DVDs, aka print in motion, aka movin’ pictures, make up 9.83% of the library’s overall collection, and those items account for 18.79% of the library’s overall circulation. So, our DVD collection, though about one fourth the size of the print collection, is only out-circulated by its larger counterpart by around 10.5%. That’s pretty impressive. DVDs’ high circ totals are due partially to their shorter checkout period, which allows for quicker turnover, but much of their circulation can be attributed to the simple fact that they’re just crazy popular. Ask any of our librarians, who place many a request for DVD seekers daily. Ask any of our circulation staff members, who checkout DVDs in droves. Ask our page or our volunteers, who always have a steady stream of returned DVDs to shelve. Heck, ask anyone! The people demand DVDs. Sure, you can get them at Red Box for a buck, or stream them online for a few samolians per month, but those methods still don’t beat free. While we’re not quite an IHOD (I’m not even gonna explain that one), we do have plenty of watchables that won’t cost you a thing. Come rent ‘em up.

*I’d like to clarify that I don’t condone the use of the non-word “liberry” unless it’s strictly for comedic purposes. Even then, I prefer it be used sparingly and tastefully.

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