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We #$!@%%^ Hate Censorship*


We don’t think much of censorship ‘round here. In fact, we plum don’t like it. We’re agin it, you might say.

While we encourage fighting the good fight against censorship year round, we take an extra special interest in resisting its restrictive shackles during this time of year. Next week (September 22-28) is Banned Books Week, a seven-day freedomfest during which libraries, publishers, and book enthusiasts of all stripes promote open, unfettered access to information and ideas.

In keeping with the zeitgeist of the week, we’ve once again called upon our pals at Humanities Texas and brought in a fine exhibit to stimulate your noggin and please your peepers. “The Bonfire of Liberties: Censorship of the Humanities” boasts 18 panels of images, quotes, and information about various forms of censorship of well-known books, art, plays, ideas, historical accounts, and more. You may be shocked to see what’s been censored or outright banned over the years, and even more shocked by why. It is our hope that the exhibit will get your brain churning about censorship and the disservice it does to those seeking to experience ideas, art, and culture.

“Bonfire of Liberties” is free to view anytime the library is open between now and October 14. For more info on the exhibit, click here.

*Lest you think I have a commode mouth, the censored word in the title of the post is “totally.” Geez, what did you think it’s supposed to be?


“The Bonfire of Liberties” is an exhibition by Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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