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The Library Takes a Cue From a Fictional Beet Farmer


Presenting our “money beets”

On multiple occasions, I’ve heard TV pejoratively referred to as the “idiot box.” I understand why people would condemn it with such a hateful name; there’s a lot of mind-numbing junk littering its landscape. But TV has also got a lot of great stuff to offer. Educational stuff. Stuff to that can improve your life. When I say great, life-improving stuff, the first show that enters your mind should of course be “The Office.” For those who may not know, “The Office” gives its audience access to the wisdom of the sage-like Dwight K. Schrute. Among the many choice life lessons Dwight has taught us is his first rule of roadside beet sales: Put the most attractive beets on top. Those are the money beets.

The great thing about the first rule of roadside beet sales is that it is transferable to pretty much any situation. Just as Dwight did when he put Ryan, Karen and Pam at the front of the office, we in library land were able to put the rule to work for us. To do so, we first had to ask ourselves, “What are our ‘money beets’?” The answer was clear: new books. They’re our freshest, shiniest items, and they’re what the people crave the most. Late last week, we pulled the trigger on putting them “on top” for good by moving them from our reading area to the prime real estate on the front shelves. Now the first thing you see when you walk in, besides my or another staff member’s smiling mug at the Information Desk, is a wallfull of spankin’ new books. Better yet, it isn’t just books strutting their stuff on the new shelves, no sir. Large print items, audiobooks, and DVDs have joined the party. Even better yet, it’s not all adult items anymore; young adult fiction, juvenile fiction, picture books, board books, and DVDs and audiobooks for kids of all ages are proudly represented and just begging to be checked out.

If you’re wondering what happened to our Friends of the Library area containing books to be purchased by donation, fret not. We simply moved them to where the new books used to be. It’s a classic switcheroo situation, and we hope you’re not too terribly confused.

I implore you all to check out our fabulous new configuration. It’s never been easier to find a great book. We put the money ones on top for you.


One thought on “The Library Takes a Cue From a Fictional Beet Farmer

  1. You implore me? Great column. TV, like other modern technologies all have their own positive – as well as negative functions and purposes. Keep up the good work on and offline.

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