Benbrook Library / Library programs

Heritage Fest Ahoy!


The majority of my and my colleagues’ collective day today has been spent feverishly preparing for Benbrook Heritage Fest, our city’s annual festivity filled free festival type thing. It’s a jambaroo of food, music, crafts, and general merriment. The best part of the whole shebang, obviously, will be the library booth. It will be manned and wo-manned by all of your favorite Benbrook librarians (Glasses! Scarf! Swoopy! The Big Cheese AND the Big Kahuna!), and we’ll be offering all kinds of greatness. There’s gonna be library information galore, technology out the wazoo, goodies for the kids, and pumpkin painting. That’s right, y’all: kids get to paint their very own mini pumpkins, in any style their crazy kid imaginations can cook up. We’ll be going strong all day, from 10 to 5, so those of you in the Benbrook area should drop everything and come spend some of your Saturday festing with us.

It’s all going down at the Dutch Branch Park Athletic Complex, which is located at 1899 Benbrook Blvd. Admission is totally free. There aren’t many places where you can get access to tons of wonderful stuff for free. Except, you know, the library. We offer free access to wonderful stuff 24/7/365/10/10.

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