Benbrook Library / Library programs

Getting Seussical

A rousing chorus of “Dahoo Doray” (or however that’s spelled/pronounced) for Miranda for throwing a Seuss party like no other.

I have no time to post today;

I’ve Seussed all of my time away.

It’s the good doctor’s birthday we’re celebrating

A few days too early, but flam-floof to waiting!

What a good time it has been, though I’m one tired soul,

Worn down from shagging balls for “Oh, the Places You’ll Bowl!”

Now I’m spent yet contented, knowing my cape japering has gone far

Toward making kids feel like Sneetches with stars upon thars.

Plus, I have the perfect thing to put my tuckered bones at ease:

A scrumbumptious leftover Seuss cookie made by Cookies Plz!

A tip of the Cat in the Hat hat to Jennifer at Cookies Plz for providing criminally delicious cookies.

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