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Patron Review: Seven Up

This week, we have a guest post from Billie D., a library patron and BARC participant. In order to fulfill the requirements of the “Pick a Card” task, Billie has written a summary/review of Seven Up by Janet Evanovich. Be warned: the following write-up is chock-full o’ spoilers. Big thanks to Billie for providing content. Here is her review:

It’s difficult to keep track of all the wackos Stephanie Plum and her sidekick, “Big Woman” Lula, know. Their job is rounding up and dragging criminals who have jumped bond back to pay up, stand trial or go back to jail. This job is Eddie DeChooch, caught trafficking contraband cigarettes. BUT there is “something else” involved. We don’t know the “something else” ‘til the end!

Eddie has powerful friends, among them Mary Mason, who lives in an upscale condo on the 7th floor and is letting him borrow a monster white Cadillac to drive around and create havoc. Even Stephanie’s Granny has come under his influence and is known to “date” him. He’s a sweet old guy who owns several businesses, i.e., a bank and a mud wrestling pit, among others. So Stephanie has to call in her cop friend/fiancée AND Ranger, the other “friend” who is more powerful in catching criminals.

After several shootings, breaking and enterings and trips to Richmond to get to the bottom of (who) started the contraband cigarettes, the word gets out that Louie D. (from N. J.) had a heart attack and the family wants his heart back in N. J.!!! (DeChooch is hard of hearing and hears “fart”). (The) heart in an Igloo cooler is now part of the cigarette trip.

However…Louie’s family is appalled and wants the heart back where it belongs – or Eddie will be hamburger.

The white Cadillac (without Eddie) is found run over by a train. Stephanie’s car conks out and they (Stephanie and “big woman” Lula) have to ride a Harley borrowed from her boss to continue the chase. Plus, Ranger and the “fiancée” Morelli the cop take up the saga.

On the personal side, Stephanie is having to deal with her “perfect” sister, who has come home after her divorce and will try being a lesbian (doesn’t work) and has 2 monster kids.

Continue with the “heart” problem, a pig heart will be substituted since a dog ate the other one. At 7, the “heart” is exchanged for Granny, who was with DeChooch.

DeChooch runs again. (He) returns (and) tries to have cookies and coffee with Granny BUT one more glitch. Sophia, Louie’s wife, (who is crazy/hears voices) is in the house with DeChooch and a gun. Only his ear was shot off.

So, back to the E.R., then jail for DeChooch, and Stephanie gets her man back (one of ‘em).

-Billie D.

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