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Fun With Limericks



I’m back from my week off from blogging
‘Twas vacation time I was logging
I’m meant to post weekly
So now I ask meekly:
Forgive me, and spare me a flogging

You’ve probably noticed my rhyming
I promise you, its perfect timing
For its Poetry Month
Though I sound like a dunce,
To get in the spirit, I’m trying

A year ago, I tried haikus
I find limericks harder to do
The structure’s annoying,
But I’m quite enjoying
Attempting to create a few

Though Poetry Month is soon ending,
I don’t hesitate recommending
Getting poetry books
From your friends at Benbrook;
We’ve plenty of good stuff for lending

For those who fancy themselves poets
And are not too bashful to show it,
Come out to this program
Each month, ‘cuz I know, man
You’ll miss good times if you forgo it

I’ve been told all good limericks are lewd
Like the tale of that Nantucket dude
While it’s fun to be ribald,
You’ll offend some eyeballs,
So here, bawdiness has been eschewed

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