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Board Gaming, Texas Style

Big Tex. This pecan. These boots. This HD TV screen. This baller. This contract. For better or worse, Texas has a reputation for being home to the ludicrously large. BPL is proud to honor our state’s commitment to the humorously huge with the introduction of our giant board games. Regular-sized board games are great and all, but these oversized games will give you the thrilling feeling that you’ve been zapped with a debigulator, or that you’re relaxing in Paul Bunyan’s rumpus room. Behold:

Connect 4




So how can your puny, human-sized self log some time with these colossal conveyors of jumbo joy? They’re freely available to play at our Family Game Night program, which goes down the last Saturday of every month (hey, there’s one of those tomorrow!) from 6 to 8:30 PM at the library. Bring your family and friends to spend an evening with fellow dice rollers, wheel spinners, and domino slingers playing games both giant and ungiant and noshing on snacks. For more information about Game Night, including a full schedule of program dates, click here.


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