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The Calm Before the Storm


It’s quiet in here. Too quiet. Famous, hacktackular last words, I know, but it’s the truth. Today is the first official day of Summer Reading 2014, and the giggle, wee footstep, and general miniature merriment levels are at eerie lows. Of course, I’m probably speaking way too soon and have likely just jinxed myself into an afternoon of pint-sized chaos. I don’t mean to sound perturbed by that prospect; we librarians welcome the aggressive, delirious (and delirium inducing) library usage we get in summertime, as it’s indicative of intense library love, which makes us feel like this. If we aren’t rocked by a full-on Poseidon-caliber storm of burgeoning bantam bibliophiles today, it’s only a matter of time until the kids go all Gale force on us. Namely, it’ll be this coming Monday, when school ends with a half day and week 1 of our eight-week Summer Reading children’s programming schedule gets underway. It’s jam-packed, I tells ya.

Never ones to exclude adults from the joys of Summer Reading, we’ve rolled out a brand new game, Summer Readingopoly, for 2014. I’m told it resembles an obscure board game some no-name brothers made in the ‘30s, but I can assure you I’ve never heard of it, and anyone who says otherwise is a filthy liar.* In Summer Readingopoly, players roll jumbo dice and advance their token around a familiar-looking, ginormous game board. The spaces on the board task you with reading certain types of books, and by completing those tasks, you earn tickets to enter into drawings for big prizes. This year, players have a shot at a Kindle e-reader, a $50 Amazon gift card, and a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card. Not shabby rewards for reading, which is in itself sufficiently awesome, eh? Come to the library sporting your best top hat and cane between now and August 15 to play.

For more information about Summer Readingopoly, click here. To view and print out the instructional brochure, click here.


*This is my face right now.

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