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When it’s This Adorable, Who Cares What it Says?

I’ve gotta make it short and sweet this week, as I’ve been sucked into the insatiable vortex that is Summer Reading. While hurtling through the vortex, I (along with a whopping 178 library patrons) got to experience Zooniversity, a traveling program that introduces kids to and teaches them about rare and fascinating wildlife. The audience was treated to live viewings and descriptions of six animals, and while they were all awesome in their own ways, my hands-down favorite was the ridiculously cute fennec fox, Tasha. Behold:

If our Zooniversity educator (professor?), Allison, hadn’t assured us fennec foxes make terrible pets due to their relentless digging and territory marking, I’d be scouring the Sahara for one right now. Sigh. At least I got to spend a few minutes in Tasha’s adorable presence. She and Zooniversity are just the latest in the long list of reasons why the library is a pretty great place to be in the summer.

For a complete calendar of children’s Summer Reading events, click here.

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