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The Library Takes a Cue From the Fast Food Burrito Racket


It’s said there’s more than one way to skin a cat. As a cat lover, I’ve always been appalled by that saying. Why would you want to skin something so ludicrously cute, and as if doing such an unspeakably cruel thing one way isn’t enough, why are we to believe there’s value in spending time figuring out multiple ways to do it? Not that I relish the idea of skinning anything, but why can’t it be one of the more aesthetically challenged, less domesticated members of the animal kingdom, like an opossum? Better yet, why don’t we preserve the spirit of the idiom while reworking it into a more positive metaphor, something far, far removed from the heinously negative realm of cat flaying? As an only partially tongue in cheek proponent of the culinary trailblazers at Taco Bell, home of the burrito/quesadilla love child known as the Quesarito, I propose a swift, orderly change to “There’s more than one way to wrap a burrito.”

Here at BPL, our adult book clubs have been following the “one book read and discussed by all” model. It’s the tried-and-true, traditionally delicious flour tortilla that wraps the meat, cheese, and veggies (in our case, literary appreciation, expanded reading horizons, and social fulfillment) within. We could happily subsist on flour tortilla-wrapped goodness forever, but a recent suggestion from a book clubber got me considering that our core ingredients could still be enjoyed if rolled up in a new, yet still scrumptious, exterior. I’m excited to announce the newest item on our programming menu, the Different Pages book club, which is my attempt at wrapping a cheese-infused tortilla around the established book club fixings. At Different Pages, rather than having one long discussion about a single book that everyone has read, as we do at the Bent Corners and Coffee Break book clubs*, we’re inviting readers to come in and talk about whatever the heck books they want. We want you to come tell other bookworms which books you loved or hated, which authors are hacks and which ones are worth a hoot, and whatever other book-related thoughts are aching to escape your well-read brain. This club offers you the chance to share, advise, critique, and perhaps most importantly, pick up tips on what’s worth reading from other bibliophiles. There will be some light moderation and conversation facilitating by yours truly, but I’ll be keeping the structure to its necessary minimum so as to keep the club an enjoyable venue for freewheeling discussion and socializing. I realize this isn’t an earth-shattering concept and that other libraries already have such book clubs, but it’s a new flavor for our library that I’m hoping you’ll find pleasing to your palate.

We’re offering two Different Pages meetings each month: one on the fourth Tuesday at 11 AM, and one on the fourth Thursday at 6:30 PM. The inaugural meetings will be in August on Tuesday, August 26 at 11 AM and Thursday, August 28 at 6:30 PM. Oh, and I forgot to mention we’ll have light snacks to fuel all the book talkin’. We probably won’t have Quesaritos, but I could be convinced with minimal arm twisting, what with their deliciousness in both the symbolism and gustatory departments and all.



*Fear not, our existing book clubs aren’t going away. The new club is an addition, not a replacement.

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