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A view of my desk through a drinking glass, which I engraved with the adorable “Hang in There, Baby” cat.

Over the past couple weeks, Lasermania has swept the library, and while it hasn’t been accompanied by as many high-pitched squeals as Beatlemania or as much gratuitous use of the word “brother” as Hulkamania, it has been hectic and exciting nonetheless. Patrons really dig our MakerSpace’s newest toy, and it’s even earned us some ink (e- and regular) in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

For those not yet in the know, our laser engraver is able to cut and engrave wood, acrylic, glass, leather, rubber, stone, select plastic and metal materials, and more. We have some engravables available for purchase, but if you bring in your own materials, you can engrave your heart out (not literally, that would cross some legal and ethical boundaries, though I suppose you could laser images of your own heart onto stuff) for no charge. As for the types of images you can engrave, it can be something as simple as your name, something as complex as a “Dogs Playing Poker”-level work of art, or anything in between. Whip up a design, choose your material, and get your lasering on.*

Although the laser pretty much sells itself, I’ve been kicking around potential slogans and nicknames to make it even more appealing. Here’s a list of seven slogans and one nickname that are way too corny and/or ridiculous to ever actually use:

Set Laser to Fun!**
-The best laser experience you’ve had since Laser Floyd.
-It’s not quite sharks with laser beams attached to their heads, but it’ll do.
-Use it, or you’re engrave danger…of missing the fun!
-It’ll satisfy your cravin’ for engravin’!
-It can’t remove your unwanted hairs, but it will raise them…in excitement.
-It’s so easy to use, just call it Occam’s Laser.

If the preceding misadventures in wordplay haven’t completely soured you on the laser, I encourage you to come check it out. For more information, click here.



*While library staff members would love to make all of your wildest laser dreams come true, we are by no means experts. We are happy to provide general assistance and troubleshooting, but we simply can’t do everything. After all, it’s called a MakerSpace, not an OrderSpace; that’s what the Internet is for.

**Full credit goes to the Big Kahuna (a.k.a. our Director) for coming up with that one.

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