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The Best. Show. Ever. Zings Libraries


In honor of FXX’s glorious “Every Simpsons Ever” marathon that began earlier today, I’d like to share a few of my favorite library-related Simpsons jokes. The show often takes playful jabs at libraries, which I’m ok with because I know it’s written by nerds, eggheads, and all-around intelligent people who must certainly appreciate the value of libraries in society (at least that’s what I’ve chosen to believe).

-In the season 11 episode “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge,” a sign outside the library reads: “We Have Books About TV.”

-In the season 10 episode “Bart the Mother,” the librarian asks Reverend Lovejoy, who is checking out the library’s copy of the Bible for the 450th weekend in a row, why he doesn’t just buy a copy. His testy reply: “Maybe on a librarian’s salary…”

-In the season 3 episode “Lisa the Greek,” there is a single person reading in the library under a banner that reads “The Library: The Hip Place to Be.” Lisa says “Hey, the new sign’s really working!” The librarian replies “Oh, it’s been a madhouse, Lisa!”

-In the season 8 episode “In Marge We Trust,” Homer asks the librarian for the phone book for Hokkaido, Japan, which is promptly provided. Homer then asks to use the library’s phone, which prompts the librarian to ask if it will be a local call. After a slight delay, Homer answers “yes,” then proceeds to dial a ridiculously and hilariously long phone number.

For more comedic gold on libraries and every other subject in the universe, I encourage you all to catch the marathon, or at least the first five or so days of it, which will feature the classic episodes that are actually good.

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