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The (Comic) Book is Always Better


Despite what your eye may tell you, the Rick on the left is better drawn.

Earlier today while scrolling through my Facebook news feed, which is quite sadly almost literally where I get all of my news these days, I read that AMC has green-lighted a pilot for a companion series to its unholy ratings monster The Walking Dead. While I’m sure most Deadheads are rejoicing and celebrating with the finest canned cuisine from their zombie apocalypse shelters, I’m prepared to wear my best McKayla face until given good reason not to. I’ve been grudgingly and somewhat masochistically watching The Walking Dead since the beginning and have been largely disappointed with everything after the promising first season. Why am I such a hater? Two reasons: 1) in my post-Breaking Bad existence, all TV dramas are now held to ridiculously high standards, and, as library nerds love to tell you 2) the book is so much better.

Yes, The Walking Dead is based on a book. Yes, it’s a comic book, but resist the urge to flippantly dismiss it; comic books are books, too, tarn sarnit! In many cases, they’re just as deserving of your attention and praise as the highfalutin written word (there are quite a few gems on this list). So, while TV has done wonderful things for society and is deserving of your affection, I urge you to step away in the case of The Walking Dead and read the source material. I’ll wager you’ll find it more enjoyable than the show, and perhaps you’ll gain some respect for an underappreciated (especially by adults) medium along the way.

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