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Banned Books Week 2014 Roundup


Rather than mount my soap box and subject you to my opinions as I did last Banned Books Week, this year I’ve opted to be your curator of content from around the Internet covering library land’s favorite freedom fightin’ week. Enjoy.


Read 14 Great Banned & Censored Novels Free Online – Celebrate your freedom to read with some free books.

Captain Underpants Author Dav Pilkey on Banning Books – A frequently challenged/banned children’s author offers some simple, sage advice on how to deal with those censor-y urges.

10 Gorgeous Quotes From Banned Books – Some thought-provoking, moving quotes we might’ve missed out on if the Bantonio Ban-derases of the world had their way.

Quotes on Banned Books – Good quotes, mostly from authors, that should get you in the spirit of the week.

Pinterest Does Banned Books – Crafty, clever, and funny Banned Books Week displays and promotional images. I especially enjoy the one with the Carly Rae Jepsen reference.

Banned Books Week Trivia Game – Without Google, I’m confident about 14 out of 35 answers. See if you can top my shamefully low score.

Texas School Bans “Obscene” Books – Surely books aren’t still being banned in this day and age, right? Au contraire…

Please Stop “Celebrating” Banned Books Week – A good “reason for the season”-esque reminder.

ALA Frequently Challenged Books Lists – Many of these lists ironically read like recommended reading guides.

Top 10 Challenged Books of 2013 – See what made the censorati go all Helen Lovejoy last year (2014 info is not yet available).


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