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Don’t Waste Words or Time During NaNoWriMo


It is NaNoWriMo ti on ag, a ti whe yo sho be so bu wo on co yo no, the is no ti to us fu wo fo an el. Du No, Na No Wri Mo pa co to co a fi tho wo dra of a co no in thi da. The go is to fi; qua is op. He at BPL, we ar hig su of NaNo-ers, an ou he ex be co wi yo in ti-sa, to co abb. Ea we of the mo, we ar ho wri ins at whi ho bo acc the NaNoWriMo cha are off a pe pla to wri, sna, en fre goo, and ren wi fe pa. Che the im be fo da and ti for ou wri ins. NaNo-ers ar of co al en to ut the li as a wri ha eve du no-wri in ti. We ha go ple of qui spo fo ge yo wri gro on, an if yo pla yo ca ri, I mi ju bri yo so co. Ge in he an gi yo no a sho.

It is NaNoWriMo time once again, a time when you should be so busy working on completing your novel, there is no time to use full words for anything else. During November, National Novel Writing Month participants commit to completing a fifty thousand word draft of a complete novel in thirty days. The goal is to finish; quality is optional. Here at BPL, we are highly supportive of NaNo-ers, and our helpfulness extends beyond communicating with you in time-saving, totally comprehensible abbreviations. Each week of the month, we are hosting write ins at which those boldly accepting the NaNoWriMo challenge are offered a peaceful place to write, snack, enjoy free goodies, and rendezvous with fellow participants. Check the image below for dates and times for our write ins. NaNo-ers are of course also encouraged to utilize the library as a writing haven even during non-write in times. We have got plenty of quiet spots for getting your writing groove on, and if you play your cards right, I might just bring you some cookies. Get in here and give your novel a shot.

National Novel Writing Month

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