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No A Cropped

Due to recent injury to my left pinky finger, typing correctly is currently tricky. If using proper home row typing form, which I insist upon doing to eschew greenhorn-ish hunting/pecking, multiple keys become impossible to type, including one biggie directly preceding “b.” I’ll try to blog without using these letters, much like how Lenny, the Simpsons’ self-described “good work guy,” once begged for continued employment without use of the letter “e.” I’d hoped to fill you in on the libr…er, building with the books’ impending ILS switch, which promises to improve users’ item finding experience, plus produce seismic shifts in my shelf life on multiple levels. I’d like to provide something beyond such murky descriptions, but I’m still in need of much further instruction before describing things comprehensively will be possible. Furthermore, even telling you the moniker of the new ILS (or defining “ILS”) is impossible without using the vowel which presently eludes my wounded pinky. Suffice it to convey progress is coming, which should prove positive for Benbrook librophiles. I do promise to revisit this topic once proper knowledge of the subject, combined with full digit use, permit it.

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