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Oh By Golly, It’s So Holly Jolly!

Holly Jolly 2


If you’re like me*, you may find that you often don’t get fully into the holiday spirit until it’s almost too late. You’ll get your jolliness cranked up to 11 for a couple of days, then it’s all over, leaving you with a useless reservoir of jubilance. In a perfect world, you’d get that yuletide feeling humming early in the month and ride it all the way to the big day. While us library folk can’t offer you a perfect world, we can put the holidays all up in your face with an event so brimming with merriment it’ll make your heart grow three sizes and get you beyond requisitely cheery for the most wonderful time of the year.

This Saturday, December 13, the library will present Holly Jolly Holidays, an all-day holiday celebration for the whole family. Le Theatre de Marionette will kick things off at 11 AM with their puppet show, Peppermint Twist. At 12 PM, Elsa and Anna from Frozen will make their much-anticipated return appearance (with special guest Olaf!) and will offer photo taking opportunities and hugs. At 1 PM, Daisy the Clown will make balloon animals, and at 3 PM, we’ll have Craft Time for children. The East Texas Handbell Ensemble’s quartet, vibre’, will perform caroling classics at 4 PM.

In addition to all of the monsters of holiday merrymaking on the main bill, throughout the day, we’ll have our laser engraver available for ornament making, holiday movies showing continuously, arts and crafts, a snowball toss game, and hot chocolate and other refreshments.

Of course, with us being a library and this being the season of giving, the entire event is absolutely free and open to everyone. No pressure, but your kids will never forgive you if they miss it and have to enviously listen to all their pals talk about it Monday morning around the juice box cooler. You know you’d enjoy a good joy injection, too. Don’t you want to feel like this for the rest of the month?



*If you are, it’s probably closer to partially than entirely, as I’m a bit of a weirdo.

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