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Secret Santa Success


As you can probably tell from my goofy stylings in this space, I like to take every opportunity to bring lightheartedness into the workplace. The holiday season is ripe for stirring up gaiety, so this year I spearheaded the library’s Secret Santa gift exchange. This marked our third consecutive year of being covert Kringles, and most staff members seem to prefer it to the vicious, reindeer-eat-reindeer free-for-all that is White Elephant.

To help our Santas out, each staff member filled out a short form with his or her likes and dislikes. Because I’m a man who knows what he wants, and also because I want to make it a stress-free shopping experience for my gift giver, I complete my form in a way that leaves no doubt as to what will make me happy. The verbiage changes each year, but my wish list remains singularly focused on one thing: chocolate. This year, under “I like,” I wrote “chocolate,” followed by the specific chocolatey items I most enjoy. Under “I don’t like,” I wrote “dechocolafication, mean people.” It’s hard to mess that up, and my Secret Santa not only didn’t mess it up, she knocked it out of the park. Behold:


My gift was humorously accompanied by a scale so I could see that I was receiving approximately 14 pounds of sweet, sweet chocolate. That’s what I’m talking about! A big, huge, St. Nick’s belly-size thank you to my Santa, Kathy S. You totally get me. The generous bounty you have bestowed will last me at least through the weekend.

Here’s hoping you all have wonderful Santas in your lives, be they at work or somewhere else. Happy holidays!

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