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It Had to Be Uke

3D printing has been part of the BPL lifestyle for well over a year now, and we don’t plan to change our ways anytime soon. In fact, we keep it so three dimensional around here, we’re about to add a second 3D printer, one capable of printing two different colors at once. Our new toy should be operational sometime next week, so get your designs ready and come give it a try most soonishly. In the meantime, I’d like to tide your createlust over with arguably the coolest thing anyone has ever printed in our MakerSpace, which is saying something, as I’ve seen a guy print a replica lightsaber handle. Jedi weaponry is irrefutably awesome, but no matter how many modifications you make to it or how adept you are at making those humming sounds, you can’t make the thing functional. That’s why I proclaim that the ukulele our patron Kevin printed and made playable by adding strings and hardware takes the crown (or lei) as the primo 3D printer creation to date. Behold:



Pretty wowie zowie, huh? Here’s hoping this inspires you to find an equally amazing design to print, or even whip up one of your own. Uke can do it.

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