Benbrook Library / Library programs

Take Our Books, Please

Getcha ‘barrows ready.


Garth Brook has friends in low places. Charles Grodin had man’s best friend. These guys have each other’s super friendly company. Those are some pretty solid friends, but the library’s got compadres to rival them all. Our friends are so stellar, they exist solely to be our friends. Can’t say that about your bestie, can ya? Yes, the Friends of the Benbrook Public Library are truly fantastic, and next week they’re doing something that yet again shows they’re even better friends to us than J-Man was to Channy.

On Friday, February 20 and Saturday, February 21, the Friends of BPL will hold a “Books and Surplus Items” sale in the library meeting room. The sale will feature books that have either been retired from the library’s collection or donated by community members, as well as computers, furniture, and other odds and ends. These pre-loved items still have a lot to give, and they’re eager to find new homes. For low, low prices, you can take home heaps of great stuff. Not only do you get to make out like a bandit with a huge haul for next to nothing, the fact that all the proceeds benefit the library should give you additional warm and fuzzies.

The sale will be going on from 8 AM to 5 PM on Friday the 20th and from 8 AM to 2 PM on Saturday the 21st. Grab your best wheelbarrow, oil drum, or pack mule and take our Friends up on their hospitality. Please don’t let this happen to our books.*


*I’m only kidding. Nobody’s going to be Fargo-ing anything.

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