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BPL is Never Gonna Give You Up During Tax Season

Rick Astley


The IRS is the anti-Rick Astley.

This tax season, it has proceeded to do five of six things the ‘80s pop sensation would never do to you: give you up, let you down, run around and desert you, say goodbye, and make you cry. Yes, in callous, un-Astleyian fashion, the IRS has stopped providing libraries with copies of many of the tax forms that our dear patrons have become accustomed to conveniently getting from us. Sure, it’s still providing the most essential forms, namely the 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ, but it’s not providing the instruction booklets for those forms, and most paper tax filers consider those just as essential. The IRS cites budget cuts and a desire to push more and more of the population toward electronic filing as grounds for its drastic reduction in paper form offerings. Those are valid reasons, but if they don’t elicit understanding and forgiveness from you, I feel ya. It’s not as if the IRS would accept the “budget cuts” excuse from you if your tax payment came up a little light.

While complaining about the situation might feel good, ultimately, it won’t get us any further than this got that guy. Libraries and library patrons alike must rise up and overcome, and in that vein, BPL has channeled its inner Astley to mitigate the frustration dealt to our users by the IRS’s grinchiness. For those seeking instruction booklets, we’ve put together binders of instructions (three each for the 1040, one for the 1040A, and one for the 1040EZ) that may be checked out for one week with your Benbrook library card. We’ll also gladly print up to ten pages worth of tax forms for you at no charge, and we have the tax tables on hand to make copies of the portion(s) you need. If you’d like to take it upon yourself to get your forms, you may print them from here or order paper copies from here.

I realize those reading an online blog are unlikely to be seeking paper tax forms, but if you know anyone (parents, grandparents, technophobes, the Amish) who is, please spread the word. Maybe print this out and give it to them, though the links won’t translate, so you’ll have to sing “Never Gonna Give You Up” to them. For their own good, you must rickroll.

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