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How to Shave a Lorax

Some days, working at the library is pretty normal. You order some books, plan some programs, respond to a few e-mails, and answer people’s questions.

Some days, you shave a Lorax.

It wasn’t a physical shaving, as, sadly, the Lorax exists only in the fantastical world of Seuss, and I lack the requisite tonsorial skills, anyway. This was a digital shaving, which is thankfully more in my wheelhouse. Some may consider it a crime to remove such handsome, Swansonian lip foliage, but I did it for the children, as strange as that might sound. You see, it’s once again time for our annual birthday party for Dr. Seuss, and our children’s librarian enlisted me to prepare a “Pin the Mustache on the Lorax” poster. To make the game work, we needed a clean-shaven Lorax, which was something of a tall order, because that guy rocks a pretty wicked Walrus. Behold:

Daunted yet determined, I used an assortment of Photoshop tools to virtually shear off the mighty ‘stache and then restore the portions of face I destroyed in the process. While not perfect, I’m pretty pleased with the results. Check it out:

Just like any longtime mustache wearer who decides to go baby face, the Lorax looks like an unrecognizable freak. He desperately needs his upper lipholstery, so I urge all you parents to bring your kids to our Seuss party on Friday, March 13 at 10:30 AM so they can pin it back on and spare us all from gazing upon this potatoey-looking weirdo. The good doctor’s birthday has already passed (it’s March 2), but we were forced to reschedule our celebration from its original date due to atypically wintery February weather (you’d think it was Smarch or something). We’ll have Seussed up games, crafts, and snacks for all. Oh, to this place you should go.

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