Benbrook Library / Library programs

Meet Friends of All Types at the Library


Mitzi found a new family at our pet adoption program!


You can always find a good companion at the library. A trusty pal to keep you company on long dark, nights. To cradle in your hands. To gaze upon lovingly for hours. To lick your face.

Wait, say what?

No, we didn’t recently introduce a new tongued book collection. On Saturday, our friends from the Humane Society of North Texas dropped by with four of their most adorable puppies and held a pet adoption program. I’m happy to report that two of the pups happily went home with loving new owners.Throughout the day, we used our laser engraver to make dog tags for new and existing pet owners alike.

If you’re in need of a new canine or feline friend, check out the Humane Society of North Texas’s website (or, if you’re not from these parts, find your local Humane Society or pet adoption center). While we’d love to have critters here every day, we should probably stick to what we know: books and stuff. They don’t lick, but they still make for pretty good company.


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