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Confession of a Computer “Expert”

As a professional library guy, I’m called upon to provide basic computer help and general low-level tech support on a daily basis. While I’m usually able to solve the problems presented to me by patrons, I’m by no means a computer whiz, genius, or hacker. My dirty secret, and that of most librarians, is shrewdly and hilariously illustrated by this chart I found today:

It’s funny, and only a little shameful, how spot on the chart is. I’m not quite doing this, but there is some what I guess you could call “educated poking around” going on. To those I’m helping, the tech challenged and computer shy, perhaps it looks like I’m putting on a master class in computing when I open a browser or successfully right click. But I know better, and so do you. I live a lie. While it feels good to hear things like, “ask that guy anything, he’s the computer expert,” I haven’t truly earned such high praise. My expertise is nothing more than a winning combination of rudimentary logic and sticktoitiveness.

All hail the chart. It’s every bit as vital to my daily success as any degree I’ve earned.

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