Benbrook Library / Books

In With the Old


Our new classic paperback rack, topped with a sign made by our very own laser engraver.


For many library users, it’s all about the new books. They want the freshest, hottest, burnin’-up-the-best-seller-list titles. We can dig it, and we’re happy to accommodate; we put our new items center stage on our front shelves. We know where our bread is buttered.

However, as of lover of bread and carbs in general, I know there’s more to its essence than butter alone. What if we also want our bread garliced, oiled, or cheesed? We know our patrons would enjoy such flavorful enhancements, so we’ve added a new collection that is the perfect yin to the new books’ yang: classic books.

Of course, we already had many classic titles on our shelves, but the great thing about our new paperback collection is that it consolidates all of ye olde classics on one dedicated rack, which makes them easily browsable for patrons and allows us to offer a more extensive collection. All of the heavy hitters are represented, including Austen, Dickens, Shakespeare, Twain, and more. We even have some timeless non-fiction, for those who don’t go in for the made up stories.

So, the next time you’re in the library raiding the new books shelves, venture about five feet to the left and check out the classic paperback rack. Those new books may enjoy the fleeting glow of the best sellers list for a few weeks, but the classics are all-time best sellers. They’ve attained that status for a reason, ya know?

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