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Like Chuck Norris, A Librarian is Never Off Duty


While “on duty” as a librarian, I get asked a lot of questions. Some of them are super easy (“Where is the restroom?”), and some of them are real toughies (“What are the names of all the planes Vernon Castle flew?”). When I leave the library and go “off duty” as a mild-mannered civilian, the questions usually stop, except for stuff like, “How was your day?” (my wife), “What are you doing tonight?” (my friends), and, “Meow?” (my cats). Usually…but not always.

Last night during dinner, my friend called solely to ask me a single trivia/reference-style question: Was the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger named the way it was because Chuck Norris’s character was named Walker, or because it took place in Walker, Texas? He wasn’t testing me; he genuinely wanted to know. I told him I was 90% certain Norris’s character was named Walker and, in librarianly fashion, I referred him to my grandfather, who’s the most authoritative Walker, Texas Ranger source I know.

Obviously, I could have referred my friend to IMDB or another site on the Internet, but he already knew he could find answers there; he intentionally opted for a human, which is an increasingly rare choice I appreciate. We librarians like it when you ask us stuff. If only more of the questions were about TV…

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