Benbrook Library / Musings

Library Lover on a Mission

Many people enter the library on a mission. The missions vary greatly in importance and urgency, from lounging with the newspaper, to tracking down the all-important next volume of a TV show that will keep a binge watching sesh rolling, to printing a boarding pass, to making a restroom visit before disaster strikes. For all of these missions, we’re happy to serve as your Houston (except for the last one; pointing you there is where our involvement ends).

This past Saturday, I was pleased as (Hawaiian) Punch to be included in a highly unique mission. It began with a patron coming in to get a library card, which, while for the applicant is certainly a momentous event that is more exciting than a weekend with Batman, is a pretty run-of-the-mill event ‘round these parts. After speaking with the patron, Maureen, however, it became clear she was no common cardholder. She excitedly revealed her mission to visit and obtain cards from fifty Texas libraries before turning fifty, and we were around the thirtieth stop on her tour. During her visits, Maureen isn’t just taking a card and running, but is rather taking time to speak with staff members about what makes their library special. I told her about our laser engraver, 3D printer, and other MakerSpace items, and she was gracious enough to allow me to take a picture of a sampling of the cards she’s collected so far. Behold:


Maureen still has about twenty libraries to visit in order to reach her goal and only a couple of months with which to do it, so send out some positive vibes for her. She’s taking on this mission purely out of love for libraries, which is something this book jockey greatly admires and respects. Thank you, Maureen, for including us in your noble quest.


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