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Get Carded at the Library

I’m not by any means a graphic designer, but I have some residual Photoshop competence from my days spent being educated to be Don Draper (just the advertising part of him, not all the morally reprehensible stuff). Every now and then, I’m called upon to dust off those modest skills to create something purty for the library. We recently decided to give our library cards a vibrant, simple facelift, and I went to work executing our ideas. Behold:

LibraryCardDesign_Adult Revised11

LibraryCardDesign_Child Revised4
Nothing pinky-pointingly fancy, but we think they’re a nice improvement. They really pop in person and should be easy to find when trying to retrieve them from the black hole that is your purse or wallet. As you can see, there’s a unique design for kids, so now getting a library card will be doubly special for your young ones. As you can’t see, the cards come with a handy keychain version, so now your card can go wherever your keys go, which can be good or bad depending on how big of a key loser you are.

If you already have a library card with us and would like to trade up to a spiffy new one, come on in and we’ll hook you up. If you don’t have a card with us, now’s the perfect time to get one…unless you don’t live in our service area; then it’s unfortunately never a good time. Sorry y’all, it’s a Benbrook thing.

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