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Game Night: It’s Epic


If you haven’t been coming to Game Night at the library, you’ve been missing some pretty epic stuff. No, I don’t mean “epic” like your hackneyed bro does when he uses it describe everything from his latest meal at TGI Fridays to his trip to the post office; I mean one of its literal definitions, “of unusually great size or extent.” You see, our Jenga (or Hi-Tower, as it’s called for trademark reasons) blocks are about 15 times larger than the minuscule blocks to which you’re accustomed from the regular version. They’re also about 15 times more fun to play with, and watching a game played with them is pretty corking as well, as you can see from this clip:

That’s some mighty fine Jenga playing by my man Allen, who ended up a co-victor in a highly intense, 45-minute game that saw the increasingly precarious stack reach about five feet high. Each turn became a must-see event fraught with nerve-wracking excitement. It was pretty epic, bro.

If you want to get your giant Jenga (or giant Connect 4, Kerplunk, or checkers) on, or just play some ol’ fashioned regular-sized games, check out Game Night some time. We do it the last Saturday of every month from 6 to 8:30 PM, and all ages are welcome. Food is done potluck style, but sometimes, like this coming month, the library provides special treats. We’re having s’mores on August 29, so come have some…then have s’more.

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