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A Piece of Reading Fun


I’ve never been a big puzzle guy. Sure, I put together a few simple ones in my youth, but once I graduated to jigsaw level, most of my attempts went unfinished. I used to be really intrigued by Puzz-3D, but never gave one a try. My passion for puzzles was waning like Bruce until very recently, when I met my good friend the laser engraver, aka La-Z-Boy, and discovered I had the ability to create puzzles of my very own. Now, I’ve got puzzle fever, and I’d like to pass it along to you.

How am I going to spread this fever, you ask? Breathe on everyone who comes near me? Release a plague of rats? My real plan is way less gross, but just as exciting: the Fall 2015 iteration of the Benbrook Adult Reading Challenge (BARC) will be puzzle themed. To play, you’ll read books inspired by a puzzle (pictured below) that captures the essence of the fall and, to a lesser extent, winter months. Select a puzzle piece (they’re numbered 1 – 12) and read a book that can somehow be associated with the images featured in that piece. For example, if you select piece #1, which contains the sun, an airplane, a dog, and a cloud, you could read a book that has a picture of one of those items on its cover, mentions one of the items in its title, features one the items in its plot, etc. You could also read a book more loosely associated with the images in the piece; for instance, you could read The Hot Zone for piece #1 because the sun is hot, or No Fortunate Son, because “son” is a homophone of “sun.” Feel free to get creative, wacky, and weird with your associations.

Behold, the puzzle.

For each piece you complete, we’ll give you a matching wooden puzzle piece. Should you complete them all, not only will you have a full, bona fide puzzle to enjoy, you’ll also earn some nice swag and an entry into a drawing for even nicer swag. The challenge starts Monday, September 14 and runs until Thursday, December 31. For full details on how to participate, click here.

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