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A Hot Gift Idea


As we’re still over a month out from Halloween, I know it’s ludicrously early to be thinking about Christmas, even for a culture that routinely puts its reindeer way before the sleigh when it comes to prepping for holidays. However, I feel the need the sound the holiday gift alarm on what’s sure to be a hot (and library-relevant) item. On September 30, Amazon will begin offering a Kindle Fire tablet for $49.99. If you’ve been wanting to get a tablet, either to use as an e-reader, a movie streaming device, or an oversized Clash of Clans machine, now may be the perfect time to put one on your wish list. I know there are other bargain-priced tablets on the market, but none with the name cachet of and ostensible quality associated with Amazon.

I don’t mean to sound like a shill for Amazon; I just got so jazzed by seeing what should be a quality e-reading and general joy-bringing device at such a sweet price point, I had to share. For frame of reference, you can get about six Fire tablets for the cost of the least expensive iPad. In fact, Amazon is outright encouraging you to get six by offering a buy five, get one free deal. It’s almost as if they’re expecting people to use them as stocking stuffers. If you do decide to give a Fire tablet or any other tablet or e-reader as a gift this holiday season or any other time, include a note directing the recipients to the library. We’ll gladly show them how to load up their devices with free library books, audiobooks, and magazines and make the most of their shiny new toys.


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