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A Sequel to Make Santa Proud

Holly Jolly Shirt - Green

Sequels can be risky. The best of them recapture the magic of the original work while building on it to give us something fresh and fun. Sadly, the majority of them tend to disappoint, be they books, movies, actors, or athletes. Confident we can buck the trend of part two putridity, BPL is going to try to pull a Terminator 2: Judgment Day and crush a holiday homerun with our second annual Holly Jolly Holiday.

This coming Saturday, December 12, our hit holiday celebration is back with a vengeance, or whatever the cheerful, non-threatening equivalent of vengeance is, with free festivities from 11 AM to 4 PM for ages Cindy Lou Who to Old St. Nick. At 11, everyone’s favorite ice princesses will grace us with their royal presence to share stories, songs, and plenty of hugs. I don’t think I can legally use their names, but let’s just say they’re from a movie with a title that’s the same as the type of banana you should ask for if you want a regular banana later. At 12, all can enjoy the capering and balloon art stylings of Daisy the Clown, and at 1, the Uptown Carolers will rock all the songs with which you love to sing a-fa-la-la-la-long (holiday songs only; no Journey). The jolliness will come to a rousing close with the Queen of Jolliness herself, Mrs. Claus, who will be stepping out of her husband’s sizable figurative and literal shadow to deliver a special storytime for the kiddos.

In between the formal programs, do your best winter wonderland walk around the library and enjoy holiday-themed arts and crafts, ornament making on our laser engraver, and hot chocolate and other refreshments. This will definitely be a sequel that’s every bit as good as the original, and will almost certainly produce enough joyous momentum to snowball into a full-blown series. I can’t wait until next year when we put on “Holly Jolly 3: Tokyo Drift.”

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