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Don’t Sock it to ‘Em This Holiday Season


When I was a kid, I was always baffled when I heard my parents, relatives, and other old people (at the time, “old” was anyone above the age of around 20) talk about how much of a struggle it was for them to come up with Christmas gift ideas for themselves. The idea of not being able to think of things to ask for in a world teeming with cool stuff was ridiculous to me. I could only conclude that when you become an adult, you either have so much money you can buy whatever you want and thus have no need for gifts, or you turn into an incredibly boring person whose idea of a good gift is a three pack of dress socks. Now that I’m technically an adult, I know the former is certainly not true, and the latter is, while more true than I would like, not entirely true. I think it’s simply that when you get past the age of regularly playing with toys (literal toys like action figures, as well as video games, sports equipment, etc.), it gets mighty hard to put together a fun Christmas list. To the horror of my kid self, socks have become a somewhat appealing gift.*

While coming away from the holiday season with a fully stocked sock drawer sounds prettaay, prettaaaay, pretty good, perhaps what I and other quasi-boring adults need to do is get more creative with our wish lists. With the Internet making it so easy to find items for all kinds of niche markets and interests, the world is now teeming with exponentially more cool stuff than when I was a lad, which means putting together a bland wish list has become extra shameful. Thanks to (over)zealous list compilers like BuzzFeed, you don’t even have to try very hard to hunt down and curate your gift ideas. A quick search led me to this list of gifts for book lovers.

The list is a couple years old, but time has done nothing to dent its awesomeness. Everything on it is considerably more interesting than anything else I’ve thought to ask for. If you’re shopping for any bookish types this holiday season, I’m sure they’d be fine with you going off list if it means getting something as cool as those bed prism glasses. Of course, you can always get them books, or better yet, a library card, which is kinda like giving them all the books. Socks can’t compete with a gift like that, unless someone out there has started a sock library, an idea exceeded in brilliance only by disgustingness.



*They ain’t free, ya know, and spending my own money on them is actually more upsetting to me.

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