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Effort Over Easy

GED Classes Flyer - Resized - Spring 2016

In all areas of life, more often than we’d care to admit, we do the easy thing. The path of least resistance is so appealing, because hey, who likes resistance? If we can’t slice through it like butta, it’s mighty tempting to do something else, or worse yet, nothing at all. Complacency is killer, and in many cases, it’s why gym memberships go unused, novels go unwritten, adventures go not taken, and dreams go unfulfilled.

Thursday night at the library, we celebrated some people who did not do the easy thing. They made the tough decision to prepare to earn their GED and have spent the past three months attending class two nights a week for three hours. Rather than rest in comfortable complacency, they’ve put in the hard work to achieve something that may well be life changing, and for that I commend them. I personally would have a difficult time committing to an enjoyable leisure activity two long nights a week, let alone classes that require serious effort. The eschewing of the easy by these students, which has led to significant improvement and progress toward their goal, is something from which we should all take a cue.

Free GED classes, taught by our magnificent partners from Fort Worth ISD Adult Education, will resume at the library on Wednesday, January 6. If you or anyone you know need to prepare for the GED test, we’ll have registration for classes on Wednesday, January 6, Thursday, January 7, Wednesday, January 13, and Thursday, January 14 from 6 to 9 PM. Those who register should plan to attend classes from January until late May. For more information, click here.

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