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Sucker-Free eBooks


This man doesn’t want you to pay for eBooks.

While eBooks have long since transitioned from the wave of the future to the monsoon of the present, their 2015 sales numbers indicate their roll has been slowed a bit. In September, the New York Times reported eBook sales for the first five months of the year were down 10% from where they were in 2014, and major publishers experienced drops of between 2% and 5% each quarter of 2015. Is it time to get overly sensational, cue the Doors, and return print to the throne of the book kingdom?

Yeah, probably not. It’s likely that this is a temporary dip for eBooks, and that they will eventually take control of the market. For the time being, however, the takeover is on hold, and part of the reason, as the Wall Street Journal points out, is due to a recent increase in eBook prices from the big publishers. What if you don’t want to pay the inflated prices of these stubborn publishers? Are you to go without eBooks? If only there were a place you could turn to that specializes in providing books to people for free…

This is a friendly reminder that the library loves to give you free stuff, digital or otherwise. We have nearly 9,000 eBooks and over 3,500 eAudiobooks available for free through Overdrive, and all you need to get them is a library card, which is amazingly also free. While we do have a lot of titles available, we’re obviously nowhere close to having everything you might want. If you have a suggestion for an eBook you’d like to see added to our collection, click here and let us know what you fancy, and we’ll see what we can do about getting it for you. We’ll try our best to allow you to freely enjoy the eBook revolution, because as Melville Dewey (probably never) once said, “Paying for books is for suckers.”

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