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App-vancements: The Library’s App Gets an Upgrade


As slaves to our phones, we all know there’s an app for pretty much everything. From the standard ones almost everyone has, like Facebook, Instagram, Shazam, Pandora, and Simpsons Trivia (what, just me?), to the weird ones that likely more people have than you’d think, like CuddleBids (helps you find people near you who are interested in a friendly snuggle), Carrr Matey (reminds you, in a pirate voice, where you parked your carrr), Fake an Excuse (plays sounds like a doorbell ringing or a baby crying during your phone calls to give you a reason to end a conversation with a pesky caller), iNap@Work (plays work-y sounds, like keyboard tapping and stapler clicking, to cover for you while you ignore your TPS reports and nap at your desk), and iFrenchKiss (allows you to practice your smooching and, as a bonus, contract phoneborne diseases), there’s something for nearly all interests, occasions, and services. Your friendly neighborhood book slingers are no exception, as for almost two-and-a-half years now, the free Benbrook Public Library Mobile app has been available to help you do your librarying on the go. If you already have it, Kudos, or whichever candy masquerading as a granola bar you prefer, to you. If you don’t have it, first of all, get it together, man. Secondly, now is the perfect time to download it, because we’ve done improved the thing.

As if being able to search for, place holds on, and renew items, check out eBooks, connect with us through social media, send us reference questions, and stay on top of all of our upcoming events wasn’t fabulous enough, our pals at Boopsie have made some upgrades to our app that are nothing short of neato burrito. Here’s what’s new:

-In addition to being able to search for and check out eBooks and eAudiobooks without having to fiddle with the Overdrive app, you can now access magazines through Zinio, find authoritative non-fiction in the Gale Virtual Reference Library, and discover the perfect books with NoveList, all right within the BPL app.

-Our “Online Resources” section gives you quick access to some of our best databases and digital resources, including the TexShare databases, Muzzy, TumbleBooks,, and Job View.

-For those of you with wee ones participating in “1,000 Books Before Kindergarten,” there’s now a link to access the program on the main menu of the app.

-The navigation bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to quickly jump to the library catalog, your account, or the main menu no matter which of app’s many nooks or crannies you may have wandered off to.

Clearly, all you late adopters need to get the library’s app ASAP, even if you have to clear space on your phone or tablet by deleting some of the bizarre-yet-strangely-alluring apps I mentioned in the opening. Just search “Benbrook Public Library” wherever you do your app shopping, and it should appear at the top of the search results for you to freely download. For those who already have the app, the upgrades should be live, so no update is required; simply fire it up and bask in the library goodness.

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