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Get Licensed to Laser at Tinker Tuesday

Tinker Tuesday_Cropped

You can learn a lot at the library. The most conventional way to do so is through books, and while book learnin’ is all well and good, more hands-on learning opportunities like programs and classes can often be more effective at cramming knowledge into your noggin. We’ve had and continue to have plenty of instructive programs, but I don’t think any are as straight up cool as the laser class we plan to unveil next week. I mean, “laser class” sounds like something a young James Bond might take in between “Intro to Coiffure Retention in the Face of Intense Follicular Adversity” and “Advanced Lecherousness.” While we can’t teach you to achieve Bond-like suaveness and charisma, we can improve your prowess with a piece of technology on par with 007’s gadgets.

In addition to delighting you with delicious alliteration, the library’s newest program, Tinker Tuesday, will endeavor to teach you all things laser engraver. By “all things laser engraver,” I mean “the stuff we know about the laser engraver,” which admittedly, in the grand scheme of available engraving knowledge, just scratches the surface of a finely vector cut piece of acrylic. Fortunately, we have more than sufficient know-how to get you competent and confident with our prize piece of machinery. From setting up, arranging, and manipulating images and text in Corel Draw to prepping and actually using the machine, we’ll show you all the steps to creating beautimous laser projects. Speaking of projects, he segued gracefully, we’ll be walking you through a different project at each session, each intended to impart a particular engraving skill or familiarize you with a specific type of engravable material. Attend and you’ll soon be a wood engraving, leather cutting, glass rotarizing, machine-aided machine.

Tinker Tuesday will be held the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM. This coming Tuesday, February 23, is the maiden meeting, at which we’ll be engraving wooden picture frames. No registration is required, though we do have a limited supply of frames and laptops, so arriving early may be prudent to ensure you don’t miss out. Let us be the Q to your Bond.

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